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Why Walk and Wine?

May 3, 2019

Our commitment to building community.



This Saturday, Five Island Life hosts its third seasonal Walk and Wine.


Why are we so passionate about events like these and last Feburary's Cool Fest? Well, because they are SO. MUCH. FUN for one. But our drive to host community events goes much deeper than that. Brook, Katy, and I first met at a planning meeting for Fun on the Five, our lake festival. One of the major themes that came out that conversation was that we all felt Emmetsburg was missing something big, we were missing a widespread sense of community.



Of course, no one rocks a St. Pat's Celebration like Emmetsburg and if there is any kind of fundraiser to help a family or individual in need you can bet we'll be there with bells on and pockets open. But it's like the old family adage, "We only get together for weddings and funerals. And just like every family at every wedding or funeral ever, we walked away saying, "We really need to get together more often."


So we made plans to do just that.


Honestly, I can't say that any of us could have imagined how successful these events would be.  Our first Walk and Wine was planned in about two weeks and held on a random Wednesday night. Over 240 people showed up. And talked and laughed and shared stories and food and drinks and passions and interests. It was more than shopping, more than wine, it was an opportunity to express one of our deepest human desires, to connect, to belong to something bigger than ourselves.



And for us, it's even bigger than that.


It's about changing the entire direction of our rural community. It's about instilling pride, creating excitement, highlighting the best of Emmetsburg and celebrating our most incredible resource- each other. We're passionate about revitalizing Emmetsburg and we will continue to find ways to bring our businesses, people, and unique places together.


It's a small, but vital part of a bigger vision for economic and community development, and we hope you know that each time you participate in a Five Island Life event you are supporting that dream. And we couldn't be more grateful.


Cheers, friends, and see you soon!


Love, Kelly, Brook and Katy. 






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