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Author Academy Award Nominee: Teresa Alesch

July 26, 2018

Author's Note: "Broken to Brave" has been nominated for an Author Academy Award. Please help advance this inspiring book to the next level by voting at the Author Academy Awards website here: Simply scroll down and click on the Broken to Brave book cover in the General Nonfiction Category to cast your vote!



Broken to Brave, Finding Freedom from the Unlived Life has been inspiring readers since it hit the market in 2017. So much so that the book, which documents author Teresa Alesch's journey through cancer, depression and suicide, is now one of 25 titles competing for a 2018 Author Academy Awards.


Teresa and I sat down at Deja Brew this morning to talk books, inspiration and the path Broken to Brave laid out for her life.


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Teresa Alesch: "Omg. This coffee is so good. Like really freaking good."


Kelly Bay: Right? This coffee is the bomb! Tell us about the Author Academy Awards.


TA: The contest was founded by Kary Oberbrunner. I met Kary in 2015 and joined his author program, Author Academy Elite. Receiving an Author Academy Award is an honor bestowed for literary merit and publishing excellence. The way it is set up reminds me of the Oscars -- I think Oberbrunner is bringing that level of prestige to the writing and publishing industry. It’s such an honor to be competing in it!


The first round of competition is a public vote, if Broken to Brave advances into the top 10 of the first round, I will present the book in front of a global audience which includes judges who are professionals in everything from entrepreneurship, leadership, publishing and marketing. Just being able to meet the judges in an amazing opportunity.


KB: What drew you to Author Academy Elite as a publishing option?


TA:  Through his writing, speaking, and coaching, Kary's mission is to ignite one million souls by 2020. Essentially, he helps people clarify who they are, why they are here, and where they should invest their time and energy. It's such an inspiring dream and I love being a part of Igniting Souls! Broken to Brave is really about learning to live your best life and I have no doubt that Igniting Souls will impact far more than one million people.


KB: What's the future look like for Teresa Alesch, Author?


TA: I will continue speaking at cancer awareness and suicide prevention events. I'd love to relaunch Broken to Brave. I have a dream of distributing the book to cancer awareness and suicide prevention organizations around the country with the end goal of providing books to cancer patients for free. Ideally, we'd establish a GoFundMe and also partner with Oprah to make that happen. {KB: "We should most definitely work with Oprah."} I'm also a “Launch a Best Seller Book Launch Coach” under Tim Grahl, book marketing expert, author, and podcaster. I enjoy the publishing and marketing process and love helping authors strategically launch their books.


KB: How long does the public vote portion of the Author Academy Awards last?


TA: Just until July 31st. I can't tell you how grateful I am for the amount of support Broken to Brave during the last two weeks. It's been so uplifting to see the number of times the Facebook post has been shared and the number of people who have shown up to help me succeed. I really can't thank each reader enough.


KB: It really is amazing, we all want to see you win! Thank you so much for joining Five Island Life for Coffee with Kelly {copyright: Teresa Alesch}. We can't wait to have you back as an official Author Academy Award holder!


Follow the Author Academy Award's on Teresa's website,, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!





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