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August... Almost

July 31, 2018



It's almost August. It happens every year doesn't it? The last days of July that leave us thinking, "Just where did the summer go?"


My friend Jamie writes beautifully of the German word "Zwishchen", a time of between. "Of having one foot in two separate worlds, hovering between both here and there."


Almost August is my Zwishchen, each and every year. A time of yearning for a bit more structure while simultaneously mourning the loss of summer. The last two months have been as busy as ever, running to baseball games and meeting up with friends and stretching each minute as far as it will go. We've spent the last month in particular with close friends and family, wagons circled as we mourned the tragic loss of a dear friend. In the mourning, there has been laughter of course, as there always is when children and lives lovingly collide.


I'm reminded that each moment counts, that "almost August" doesn't mean we have to give up on summer, that the time spent is Zwishchen is time to savor, not rush through. And as we dropped the kiddos off with my brother for the week yesterday, I've had some time to reflect in this space between. I've found myself looking forward to the future while reveling in just how far we've come here at Five Island Life.


 Our friend Miles reflects on life while we all enjoyed live music on the lawn of The Shores at Five Island.


Here are a few of those moments:


A recent interview with Teresa Alesch about her book Broken to Brave reminded me that no matter how "busy" I am, I always have a choice to manage my time better. Thanks a lot smarty pants. I'll be incorporating more meal planning and an earlier wake up time so that I truly enjoy August with my family instead of rushing from one task to another. Check out the full interview and help Teresa win an international award here: Author Academy Award Nominee: Teresa Alesch.


Fun fact: Brook is the full time marketing director for Lakeside Lutheran Home and is in the throes of changing everything we thought we knew about long term care. We can't wait to introduce you to Project 1968, #OURSTAND, Lakeside Lemonade and their ongoing partnership with the Emmetsburg Education Center. I'm so excited to watch the Lakeside campus bloom into a home for the very young, the very old, and every age in between. Talk about Zwishchen. You're going to want to follow Lakeside on Instagram and Facebook for Brook's stunning photography and their staff's full heart care.


Summer is not nearly over yet. I still plan on completing every single item on this list: Top 10 Things to do in Emmetsburg. It's an oldie but a goodie. Brewfest and the Halfway to St. Pat's Celebration are right around the corner. Keep up to date on everything happening in our little slice of Iowa here: Calendar of Events.


Our local business Directory continues to grow and we're so grateful for the opportunity to the best places to eat, play, stay and do business in Emmetsburg. Take a look and #supportthemakers.


Finally we just received news that Women's Inc. Magazine will be featuring Emmetsburg in an upcoming issue. Be on the look out for this incredible publication featuring Five Island Spa Co among other local female led organizations.


Cheers friends, and to inspire you to enjoy your own Zwishchen, I'm leaving you with a few of my favorite #fiveislandlife moments from this summer.


Zoey, our ginormous American Bulldog puppy, celebrated her first birthday with her first boat ride.


 Our annual camping Staycation. Camping at Kearney State Park. Who says you can't go home?


 That sky though...

 Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset, Repeat....



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