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Loving this Little Five Island Life

April 4, 2018

About Us


Brook and I first met during a planning meeting for Fun on the Five, our local lake

festival. Four of us sat around the table that night, talking about what we wanted to

see not only for the first annual festival but also for the future of our community.


Two major themes came out of the conversations that day, the first was the love we

all felt for Emmetsburg.


The second was that something big was missing.

Whether we were transplants to Emmetsburg or replants, whether we considered

ourselves locals or imports, we were all missing a widespread sense of community.

This ultimately became the goal of Five Island Life, a place to bring together

Emmetsburg and our neighboring rural communities, both online and in person.

Emmetsburg has seen great growth since that first meeting and we’re so excited to

be able to highlight and introduce you to the amazing culture, businesses and natural

resources of our little slice of Iowa. And of course, to the people behind it all

because as Brook likes to say, “They are truly the pot of gold at the end of the


Thanks for visiting, we love this little Five Island Life and we know that you will too!

Love, Kelly and Brook


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